Jobha 9 Roots Shampoo 100ml


Excellent cleanser and natural shine to hair.Jobha 9 Roots- hair oil-Anti hair fall & healthy scalp. Jobha 9 Roots Herbal Hair Oil is formulated by unique & effective  Ayurveda roots of Vettiver root extract, banyan root extract,Lotus root extract,Fig root extract,Licorice root extract,Nannari root extract, Amala, Jatamansi, Gainger root Extract.

It helps to prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth & makes shinier, strengthens hair roots and prevents drandruff.
Naturally safe herbal extract and aroma oils, nourishes hair follicles with moisture and minerals to strengthen the hair softs therefore it prevents hair fall and promotes long & healthy hair growth.

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1.Prevents hair loss and helps in hair growth.

2.Results in strong hair roots

3.Work against splitends and makes your hair to grow longer.


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